Monday, August 6, 2012


We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year. It is fun to cheer on the USA as well as hear all the amazing stories of the athletes (from the US and other countries).
As part of the Olympics, I ALSO love the "Parent" commercials they have been showing.  You know, the  
P & G ones.
As a parent myself and watching/hearing the stories, I would love to talk to one of the Olympiad's parents. I mean, when did they realize they had an Olympic athlete? Especially the young athletes (the ones in their teens), when did they (as parents) decide it was ok to allow their child to forgo studies and focus on their sport? I would think that that would be a giant leap of faith and probably one time or another were criticized for allowing their child to spend that many hours focusing on a sport.

With all that being said, here is our little Olympic Stars........

Matthew is working on his GOLD medal in Football. I'm sure that will be an Olympic Sport by the time he is old enough.....

John Michael is going for GOLD in Swimming. In all seriousness, JM has exploded in swimming this summer. HE. LOVES. IT. He has absolutely no fear of the water. This is an incredible improvement from last year. We have a neighborhood pool only 2 doors down and we have been taking full advantage. Before Matthew was born, swimming was my relief, and we were out there almost daily!

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