Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Matthew is One Month!

(Well....technically 5 Weeks!)

Matthew is 5 Weeks old! I have to brag, he is one awesome baby. He is a great eater and an amazing  sleeper (Averaging 5-8 Hours a night.....I know that it is crazy difference between 5 and 8; HOWEVER, in sleeping terms I do just fine with 5 or 8!).  John Michael NEVER slept that long this early!

Speaking of John Michael, he has been an incredible big brother! He likes to tell us when Matthew is crying and immediately tells me I need to feed the baby or the baby needs a paci. Overnight my "baby" John Michael grew up to be a helpful little boy. He has become "daddy's boy", but I guess for right now that is ok!

Comparison Picture......they really look a like!

John Michael 5 Weeks
Matthew 4 Weeks
  Brotherly Love:

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