Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thyroid (The Finale)

November 28th Came and it was time to get this beautiful knot out of my Neck.

Here is a picture of the before (you can see it well in this picture): 
The Surgery was scheduled for 11:30......I FINALLY was rolled back at 1. (Starving)
It was a success! I lost the left side of my thyroid as they took out a a golf ball size knot out of that side. I was able to keep my right side with the hopes that it will overtake the function of the thyroid and I won't have to go onto medication. I'll have to get tested every 6 Months to make sure my Thyroid is functioning, but other than that, the ordeal is over! 

4 Days After Surgery
8 Days After Surgery
2 Weeks Post Surgery
I cannot thank my husband, my parents, and my in-laws for their incredible help with the boys. I never had to worry about them....they were very spoiled! 

JM on his Mini Vaca to Hot Springs with Papaw Calvin.
Thank you for all the prayers out in Blog Land!

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