Friday, October 22, 2010

Hands Foot and Mouth

You know the song: Head, Shoulders, Feet, and Toes.......
Well Hand Foot and Mouth is not a part of that song!
It is an awful rash and guess who has gotten it?
John Michael started running a fever last Saturday night and then by Sunday afternoon a rash had come along!
After two trips to the doctor, we have a confirmed diagnoses of "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease".
Thankfully the fever is gone and John Michael is not in any pain, but until this stinking rash goes away, he is highly contagious to any child under the age of 10.
So, he has had some great family time this week with myself, his dad, and his Nana!
There is no treatment for Hands Foot and Mouth, but there is a cream that is suppose to make it better. Because the cream has to go on his hands, he was having a problem with keeping it out of his here is our poor child with socks on his hands! They didn't slow him down a bit!

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