Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Can you believe it?!?! We sure cannot!
John Michael is 6 months old!!!!
What John Michael has been Up to:

* He LOVES to eat! First and foremost, he loves milk! He has also started to enjoy solids. So far he has had: Rice, Barley, Oatmeal, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Peas, Prunes, and Apples. So far his favorites have been Prunes (yuck!) and apples (Yum!).

* He LOVES his daddy. One of his favorite things to do is to roll around and "wrestle" with his dad! John Michael is definitely "All Boy" and loves when he gets to rough around. His dad says he has one mean punch!

* He has his first security toy. He WILL NOT nap nor sleep without his blanket. (See the light blue blanket below?) It is about a foot x foot silk blanket. We have already bought another one as a "back up". (probably need to go buy the store out soon!)

* He loves to play! He really likes his exerciser at home; but his real love is the bouncers at school. When you are holding him, he does everything to make you bounce him!

* If he is awake, he DOES NOT like to be laid flat, he wants to see the world! He LOVES to sit and stand! The only problem? John Michael has not quite mastered the sitting alone so this requires mom and dad's full attention.....hmmmmm....I bet he is a genius and has just figured out how to keep our attention all the time! :)

* He LOVES his paci! It is going to be an awful, awful day when we have to break him of that habit!

* He has discovered and really LOVES Gravy (the dog). He thinks he is funny and tries everything to grab onto his ears!

* He has the SWEETEST laugh and is VERY ticklish!

* He LOVES his fingers and his toes. He believes they were put on his body for him to eat!

* His mommy's favorite thing: He loves to be rocked to sleep and He even lets me sing!

* He is a GREAT traveler. He has been to: Many places in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. He does require mom and dad occasionally in the backseat, but all in all, he is a great backseat driver!

* He LOVES to sleep! He typically enjoys 3 naps a day ranging from 1 - 2 hours. He goes to bed at 10 PM and happily greets us at 6 AM. We always put him down to sleep on his back, but never ever ever do we find him that way when we check on him! He LOVES to sleep on his side or his stomach.

* He LOVES his bath and the swimming pool. He LOVES to kick and splash around! Beware if you are giving a bath, you will be wet head to toe!

* He "talks". He loves to chat and has a very loud excited screech! The only thing....when there is a lot going on, he is very serious. He loves to look around and think about it before he starts chatting!

John Michael has been such a sweet baby to Ben and I. We have so enjoyed watching him grow, learn, and show that too cute personality!

We go to the doctor on Thursday for another round of shots and to find out how big and tall our little man has gotten!
" I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him" -- 1 Samuel 1:27

The Lord has given Ben and I much more than we ever could have prayed for with John Michael.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful little boy you've got there! We took Henry's paci away at 6 months...best decision I've made! Love watching John Michael grow up. You are great parents. --Kim and Palmer